I reckon my relationship to images is multiple. I have this curiosity that pushes me to be interested in everything that I can see surrounding me. I look at it ,watch it, perceive it .. I notice those things that could just be unmeaningful for some people, but not for me. It is not only photos or videos … it's the very essence of the image itself. I have done my first steps in the world of images by shooting movies and advertisements, as an actor. That's the first part and it is still something I enjoy doing today. The second part is equally linked to my curiosity: I learned how to become a photographer by starting to regularly assist Serge Ramelli in his architecture and landscape photography. He taught me a lot and really inspires me. One day, whilst I was walking in the streets window shopping, I did find myself looking at the photos, not the product, as I would usually do but at the images! I thought to myself that I was starting to go a little crazy, like overly fascinated. But then I guess I just understood who I was. At last, the third part would be that i couldn't just stop there. I wanted more: I wanted to do filmmaking. So well, now I do it. I co-directed the short film USB with an actor friend of mine, and I still go on doing things here and there. I guess there is not much more to say, I love what I do and I just can't stop! Hope you'll like it.

• Steven